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We believe that all our members should benefit from the ChitChat website and service. Whether it’s choosing the phone that suits their lifestyle, selecting a plan that works for them, getting the support and help that’s needed or even just using the ChitChat site. We want to make sure that all our members get the service they need to get the most out of ChitChat.

Accessibility Policy

Click here for more details on ChitChat's accessibility policy and how we make access easy for our members.

Service and support

1. Next Generation Text Relay

  • Emergency calls - Dial 18000 (free)
  • Text relay call - Dial 18001 + phone number (free)
  • To call someone using the relay service - Dial 18002 + phone number (standard UK minutes charge)

Next Generation Text Relay ( also referred to as, NGTR) is a service that helps members with hearing loss and/or speech impairment to make and receive calls. NGTR is a service that ChitChat supports.

A relay assistant acts as an intermediary to convert speech to text and vice versa for the two people on the call.

For more information visit the Next Generation Text Service website.

2. Emergency Service Text

  • Emergency Service Text - Dial 999 and 112 (free of charge)

Members will need to register their phone before using the emergency SMS service. For more information visit the Emergency SMS website.

3. Free directory enquiries

  • Directory enquiries - Dial 195 (free)

Directory enquiries is a service provided for those not able to read or hold a telephone directory due to an illness or disability. Members will need to sign up to use this service. For more information visit the Free directory enquiries website.

4. Terms and Conditions available in Braille and in large print

The ChitChat Terms and Conditions are available in Braille and large print format on request. If you would like a copy please email, including your name and address.

Using the site

1. Supported browsers and how to increase text size

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above (not on Mac)

  • Using your mouse:
    View > Text Size You can also use Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility
  • Using your keyboard:
    Control key and + or – to increase or decrease text size

Safari 4 and above (on Mac, limited support on the iPad)

  • Using your mouse:
    Safari > Preferences > Advanced then select minimum font size to display
  • Using your keyboard:
    Command key and + or – to increase or decrease text size

Firefox 3.6 and above (on PC, limited support on the Mac)

  • Using your mouse:
    View > Zoom > Zoom in or Zoom out
  • Using your keyboard:
    Control key and + or – to increase or decrease text size

Google Chrome v 11 and above

  • Using your mouse:
    Customise and control Google Chrome > Zoom
  • Using your keyboard:
    Control key and + or – to increase or decrease text size

You may experience additional issues if using a version of a browser still in BETA, report these to the relevant company who’s supporting the BETA.

2. How to listen to

Some operating systems also have built-in accessibility features that can read text aloud, or magnify parts of the screen. If you have your own screen reading software you should find it works well on If you face any particular issues on the ChitChat site, please don’t hesitate to report these to

3. Speed of the website

We know that site speed is important to our members and we strive to deliver as fast a site as possible. However,there are additional external factors which can influence the speed at which you can view our site. These can include your Internet speed and the performance of your Internet Service Provider, as well as the number of users browsing all sites at any one time.

4. Screen resolution

Our site is designed for optimal resolution use at 1024x768.

5. Screen resolution

Plug-ins and helpers are not required for key functions on our site, but we do assume you have:

If a plug-in or helper application is required to access content, this will be highlighted. Plug-ins can be downloaded using the links above. ChitChat are not responsible for content on third party sites – including sites linked to above.

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